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A screenshot of CMO Compliance softwareA screenshot of CMO Compliance softwareA screenshot of CMO Compliance software

Our technology is new. Our experience isn’t.

Maximize communication - get all your report data in real time.

Through our partnership with Archon Development, Verify International offers all our clients access to the world-class Prophet Software. And because it runs online, your team has 24-hour dashboard access to mystery shopper, inspection, and audit results without the hassle of software set up and maintenance. We take care of the software so you can take better care of your customers, guests, and patients!

Why we use Prophet

Here are some of the reasons why we conduct our mystery shopper and quality assurance audits and inspections with Prophet:

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With our ATP testing, you know when it’s clean.

Our electronic ATP tester Our electronic ATP tester Our electronic ATP tester

Despite their best intentions, your cleaning personnel cannot determine how clean a surface is by visual inspection alone. By using ATP Rapid Hygiene Testing, Verify’s inspection process will let you know if a surface is truly clean, so you can eliminate the dirt, the risk—and the guesswork. We use the next generation of the world’s best-selling rapid hygiene monitoring system. This device, developed by Hygiena, is widely recognized as an effective, reliable test for hygiene and verification of cleaning procedures.
The application of ATP bioluminescence for rapid hygiene monitoring has been established for more than 25 years and now makes a well-recognized contribution to healthcare, food quality, and other safety systems. Measuring the cleanliness of a surface after it has been cleaned and disinfected – whether it be a bed rail in an ICU room, a table top in a restaurant, or a toilet lid in a hotel room - will show the level of due diligence by your staff. Don’t keep guessing about your guest or patient safety!  Set up an inspection »

Our Property Maintenance inspections will keep your facility running smooth.

The first impression is often the lasting one in the mind of your customer! Our maintenance inspection reports are designed to score the physical appearance of your facility. For example, what specific locations need repair or painting? What areas seen by your customers are giving them a negative impression? Identifying and addressing maintenance issues helps increase satisfaction scores, while reducing risk, incidents, and their associated claims and legal costs. Two men inspecting the safety of a buildingWe can help you reduce risk and incident rates within your organization by providing the following:

  • Proper monitoring and documentation of warning signs through routine audit assessments and inspections. This helps ensure that corrective actions are carried out quickly and completed satisfactorily.
  • Access to accurate and up-to-date information. Trends can be spotted quickly and efficiently, and staff are more highly trained.
  • Transfer of best practice knowledge across the organization. This increases efficiency and reduces costs. What gets measured, gets improved!

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1st-place ribbonWe recently helped one client boost quality scores from 58% to 94%. They went on to earn the top award for food safety in the region. See who else we’ve helped »