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Ten Steps to Success

In this article: learn how Verify International can help you establish an effective, third party performance review program.

10 steps against a blue wallMore organizations than ever before are measuring their non-financial performance in an effort to improve retention rates for customers and employees, while enhancing products and services. And, an independent, unbiased evaluation is infinitely more valuable to the organization than one which is performed “in-house.”

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Start Your Mystery Shopper Program Now

In this article: See how recurring reviews of your customer satisfaction levels is critical to success.

Blue checklistOne of the biggest challenges facing the healthcare industry is taking great care of patients and their families on a consistent basis. An indifferent or rude service encounter can erode a customer’s confidence in a healthcare facility and cost you future business. Even worse, poor service may occur on a regular basis and you might never hear about it and be able to correct it!

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Employees Are Customers, Too!

In this article: We give you five reasons to survey your employees.

A group of nursesIt goes without saying that satisfying the customer is an essential element to staying in business in this modern world of global competition. You must satisfy and even delight customers with the value of your products and services to gain their loyalty and repeat business. But what about your employees, whose responsibility it is to provide quality products and services on a daily basis? Are you soliciting regular, meaningful feedback from them to help maintain a customer friendly work environment?

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Ben Franklin’s Views on Exemplary Service

Benjamin FranklinOne lesson many of America’s businesses—large and small—have failed to learn is that exemplary customer service is no longer an option. It’s not something that a company with plans for growth can afford to overlook. If your service is anything less than exemplary, you don’t have a chance! Many companies start out with a commitment to service, but see it fall away bit by bit. This is often referred to as “deception of the gradual.”

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An ATP detectorWe use the world’s best-selling, next generation ATP Hygiene Monitoring System to detect residue and bacteria that’s invisible to the naked eye.